INDYLIT 10 line

Industrial femtosecond laser for microprocessing

10W at 1030nm, 5W at 515nm, 450fs, 80kHz-1MHz

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Standout features:

  • Extremely robust and stable

  • Adjustable repetition rate, pulse duration, power

  • High pulse energy and clean pulse shape

  • Passively air cooled

  • Maintenance-free & turn-key


  • Materials microprocessing

  • Ophthalmology

  • Semiconductor and electronics

  • Display manufacturing

  • Battery manufacturing

Robust design for flexible applications

Indylit 10 is high energy air-cooled laser suitable for a variety of ultrafast applications.

The laser head features an entirely passively-cooled design (patent pending), ensuring high stability of the optical parameters such as pulse duration, beam pointing and power.

Its mechanical construction can withstand almost everything you can throw at it, making Indylit a new kind of industrial femtosecond technology.

Build-in second harmonics (SH) module provides wavelength extension enabling even more different material processing applications.

Product data sheet

Indylit 10Indylit 10 SH
Central wavelength1030 ± 2 nm515 ± 1 nm
Average power ¹)>5W @ 200kHz>5W @ 200kHz
Max. pulse energy ¹)>100 μJ @ 80 kHz
>10 μJ @1 MHz
>60uJ @ 80kHz
>4uJ @ 1MHz
Pulse duration<450 fs
Pulse duration tunability450 fs - 2 psN/A
Internal pulse repetition rate80 kHz – 1 MHz,
down to 20kHz in burst mode
15MHz in QCW mode
Pulse pickerintegrated
Triggering modePulse picker control via TTL gate
Burst length1..20 pulses
Max. energy in burst>400 μJ>200 uJ
Power attenuation 2)100 - 0.1%
Beam qualityM2 <1.2
Beam circularity 3)>0.87>0.85
Beam diameter (at 1/e2 level)2 ± 0.5 mm1.7 ± 0.5 mm
Beam divergence (full angle)< 1 mrad
Beam pointing (pk-to-pk) 4)± 50 μrad
Beam pointing vs temp. (pk-to-pk)< 20 μrad/°C
Pulse Energy Stability (RMS) 5)<1.0 %<2 %
Power Stability (RMS) 6)<1.0 %<2 %
Warm-up time (cold start)<30 min<30 min
Warm-up time (warm start)<90 s<90 s
Laser control interfaceCAN, USB
Operating voltage100...240 V AC, 47...63 Hz
Average power consumption (after warm-up)<300 W
Operating temperature15 – 35 °C
Humiditynon condensing
Transportation/storage temperature-20 – +70 °C
Laser head (LxWxH)
Control unit (WxDxH)
522 x 233 x 179 mm
449 x 368 x 140 mm
Umbilical length3 ± 0.3 m
Laser head
Control unit
air (passive)
forced air (fans)

1) Please refer to the power and energy vs. pulse repetition rate curves for typical values
2) Attenuation can be control in a few different regimes: a) via PC user interface, b) by CAN register, c) by analog input (0-1V)
3) Defined as the worst case ellipticity along the z-scan (±5xLRayleigh) of the beam
4) At constant environmental temperature (temperature stability within +1C) after 30 min. from the start
5) Measured within 10s time interval
6) Measured within a 24h time interval with integration time of <5s. Environment temperature stability should be within +2C
7) Indylit lasers are class 4 laser products. Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered laser light
8) Technology is protected by international patents: LT6261 (B); JP6276471 (B2); US10038297 (B2); EP3178137; DK3178137 (T3); CN106575849 (B); PL3178137 (T3); LT6639 (B); LT2020 563